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Vaughan, Ontario – Geographic Location, Public Attractions, Family Doctors’ Appointments

Vaughan, Ontario is a large city. It ranks 18th in terms of population in Canada, 8th in the province of Ontario. Position among all cities in the world: approximately 1868 place. Keep in mind that data on urban population is constantly changing and in most cases it is impossible to make an accurate calculation. It is located near the state border in the neighbors of the United States. Vaughan is located in the northern hemisphere of the Earth.

This city is one of the fastest growing cities in Canada. Vaughan has a long history that dates back to 1792, but it was only after its massive expansion after 1991 that the city was put on the map.

This city is not only a cultural melting pot, it is also full of things to do. It houses the largest amusement park in the country, one of Canada’s largest shopping malls, and an open-air heritage museum. You may also visit Maple Community Centre where there are many occupational activities.

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What can you do in Vaughan, Ontario?

Visit the indoor pool

No matter what time of year you visit this city, you will be able to swim. There are many indoor pools throughout the city, some of which have a jacuzzi or even a waterslide.

If you are with children, visit a pool that has a designated area for them, such as the Pomegranate A. Williams Pool or North Thornhill Pool. If you enjoy circling, head to Vellore Pool, Al Palladini Pool or Woodbridge Pool.

Some of the pools have a jump board, while others have a fountain. One thing they have is changing rooms, many offer family changing rooms.

Play golf

Any avid golfer will tell you that this location has more than enough golf courses. These are all great courses, some of which are private and others are public.

One of the city’s most prestigious golf courses is the Eagles Nest Golf Club. If you know someone who is a member of Thornhill Golf & Country Club, you should definitely take a tour on the Stanley Thompson-designed course.

In addition to this, there are also many others such as the Maple Downs private golf course and the Copper Creek public golf club. Then there is the National Golf Club of Canada, which is in the league on its own.

Walk around the campus

On the southernmost border of Vaughan is Canada’s largest campus of the York University. This is the main campus of the school, located on 185 hectares of plot.

The campus was once agricultural land, with the original building designated as a heritage site. Take a walk around the campus and admire its architecture and greenery.

A few notable places worth seeing are the Scott Library, the TEL Building, and the Petrie Science Building. After walking around campus, you can shop at the campus duplex mall or grab a bite to eat at one of the fast food outlets.

Find a family doctor in Vaughan, Ontario

A family doctor is your initial health care provider. A family doctor implies the person you make an appointment with when you suffer health issues: newly acquired or a chronic one.

Visits to such a doctor are free of charge.

There are two options to search for a family doctor with that you make an appointment being a new patient:

What family doctors can do?

A family doctor provides: