One of the basic principles of health protection in Vaughan Ontario is the availability and quality of medical care. This means that everyone has the right to receive not only high-quality medical care but also to receive medical care in an accessible format. However, what is easy and affordable for one may become problematic and impossible for another, especially for people with limited mobility. This article is devoted to the issue of accessibility for persons with disabilities of social infrastructure facilities n Canada, which, in particular, includes the infrastructure of health care systems, as well as the services provided in the field of health protection (medical services).

Accessibility of medical service in Ontario in Vaughan

In accordance with the law, ensuring transport accessibility of medical organizations for all groups of the population, including the disabled and other groups of the population with limited mobility, is one of the criteria for high-quality and affordable medical care in Vaughan Ontario.

If the medical organizations cannot be fully adapted to the needs of disabled people, the owners of these organizations, prior to their reconstruction or major repairs, must accept agreements with one of the public associations of disabled people operating in the territory of a settlement, a municipal district, an urban district, measures to ensure access for disabled persons to the place of service provision, or, when possible, ensure the provision of the necessary services at the place of residence of the disabled person or remotely.

Service providers and organizations must provide persons with disabilities, including Vaughan wheelchair users, with:

Additional terms of service availability: