Senior Programs and Services

Elderly people with a variety of medical conditions and functional impairments can benefit from a variety of health and social services in Canada. In most cases, such services will help retirees continue to live at home.

Every senior citizen in Canada has the right to receive medical services.

Special emphasis on services relevant to retirees with disabilities and/or chronic diseases. Below you will find information on the services provided by the health insurance funds and under their responsibility in accordance with Candian law.

Programs and services for seniors

1. Promotion of healthy lifestyles and preventive medicine:

2. Home health care

Any senior patient has the right to receive at-home treatment and procedures covered by health care insurance. Home health services are provided to patients whose condition does not allow them to use the services in the clinic.

3. Medical, functional rehabilitation – for eligible elderly people.

4. Consultation with a geriatrician and general geriatric assessment:

The services are generally intended for retirees aged 75 and over, whose physical health and functioning deteriorate as determined by a family doctor. We are also talking about the symptoms characteristic of people of this age, although they are not treated or diagnosed: repeated falls, unexplained deterioration in functioning, more than eight permanent medications, repeated hospitalizations, diseases requiring treatment by different specialists, etc.

Services are provided through the health insurance funds.

5. Seeking help in an emergency situation

Best services for seniors in Canada

Vaughan Recreation Services for seniors
Phone: 905-832-2281
Location: City Hall, Level 300
2141 Major Mackenzie Drive
Vaughan, ON L6A 1T1

The Learning Centre for Senior Living
Address: 9711 47 Avenue Edmonton,
Alberta, Canada T6E 5M7
Phone: (780) 439-6473
Fax: (780) 433-3717

Yoga and Yoga Therapy for Seniors
Address: 344 Bloor Street West
Toronto, M5S 3A7, ON.
Phone: 416-303-4666