What Is a CHC ?

Community Health Centres (CHCs) provide primary health care, social programs, and health promotion services with an emphasis on priority populations who face barriers accessing health care. Problems accessing health care may be a result of socio-economic status, geographic isolation, or cultural or linguistic barriers.


Ontario CHCs: Most Effective Model of Keeping People Out of Emergency Rooms:

The study conducted by the Institute for Clinical Evaluative Sciences (ICES) shows that Ontario’s Community Health Centres (CHCs) are the most effective model keeping people out of the emergency department. To read in more detail on the facts of this study, please see VCHC’s press release by clicking on the following link: CHCs: Most Effective Model

Read the full ICES report by clicking on the following link: ICES Primary Care Models


Community Health Centres help:

  • Promote equity in accessing health care services
  • Strengthen the role of the individual and the community in health and health care delivery
  • Encourage partnerships among health care services and social care and other community agencies
  • Develop coordinated primary health care services which make the most efficient use of health care providers and health resources
  • Promote health and prevent illness to enhance the health status of the communities served.

View the Model of Health and Wellbeing.


Important Policies and Procedures:

Privacy Policy

Access and Equity

Code of Conduct

Discrimination and Harassment- Free Workplace

Conflict of Interest

Police Checks

Statement-Recruitment and Selection of Staff

Health and Safety Program