Strategic Direction

istorically, the VCHC’s Board of Directors has created strategic directions every 4 years. In the summer of 2014, a Community Needs and Strengths Assessment was conducted to inform VCHC’s 2015-2018 strategic directions. The process included:

  1. Conducting an environmental scan: The VCHC surveyed our community, staff, Board of Directors, clients, partners and funders
  2. Analyzed data obtained from surveys
  3. Held a Board – Staff Retreat: where the vision, mission and values statements were reviewed and revised to add specific reference to the determinants of health and community engagement.
  4. The Board of Directors reviewed and approved new 2015-2018 Strategic Directions

Our most recent Strategic Plan will guide the VCHC’s work from 2015 to 2018. Over these next three years, the Vaughan Community Health Centre is committed to developing strategic partnerships that help leverage our capacity to delivery accessible and responsive services, providing leadership on local community priorities, and ensuring continuous quality improvement.

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