In January 2003, a task force of community and civic leaders was struck to assess how best to bring additional healthcare resources to the City of Vaughan. The Task Force developed a vision for a comprehensive, innovative, and integrated healthcare model to serve Vaughan’s residents: The Vaughan Health Campus of Care. The Campus of Care model would offer a variety of services and help integrate healthcare programs and facilities within Vaughan to ensure seamless service delivery, support service efficiency and effectiveness with a focus on wellness, prevention and health promotion.

Recognizing that Community Health Centres are one of the most effective tools to address health issues and contribute to healthy lives and communities, the Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care announced in 2006, that it would expand the Community Health Centre model, adding 22 new and 17 satellite centres to the province’s health care system.

Acknowledging the need in Vaughan, the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care announced that one of these new CHCs would be awarded to Vaughan, and named the Vaughan Health Care Foundation (VHCF) as the sponsoring organization. In keeping with the work and vision of the Task Force, the VHCF worked to realize the Vaughan Community Health Centre as the first step in the Vaughan Health Campus of Care.


In March 2009, VCHC hired a research company to complete a community profile of Vaughan and its five main neighbourhoods—Concord, Kleinburg, Maple, Thornhill and Woodbridge.  This profile helps us better understand the similarities and differences among these neighbourhoods and the people who live in them.

Please see the Community Profile for more information.